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The Scizers has the copyright to all the contents of this website. Scizers reserves the licensed innovation rights clarified by the law. To guarantee privacy, you must consent to the terms and conditions given beneath before giving the examination:

  • Some documents or files are available on this website for download by the users. A user can download these files but only for personal use.
  • The content available on the website should be used for personal purpose only. Any kind of piracy from the website will not be appreciated.
  • If a user shares the files with any 3rd party after removing the copyright mark of the company, strict action will be taken against the user.
  • The company has the right to change these Terms and conditions accordingly without any notice. If you continue to use these site, you are agreeing to the present Terms and Conditions of the Website.
  • The software, apps or websites developed by Scizers is the sole service of Scizers and for the party for which it has been developed. No 3rd party is allowed to use it under any circumstance without the consent of the owner of the project or Scizers.